Viz-Fest has been running for several years now and during that time we have hosted over 30 presentations. Rather than hiding them away, we thought we’d share this rich resource of tips, tools and practical advice to improve insights communication. You can get access to the live recordings of the presentations by filling in the form to the right. Here are a couple examples of the presentations that make up the archive:


In 2017, BrainJuicer had been voted the most innovative research company six times in a row and had just enjoyed its most successful year ever. So naturally, we rebranded as System1. This presentation takes a communication-oriented peek under the bonnet of our rebrand, talking identity, distinctive assets, writing books, and the changes in the research world that led to the decision to change everything. Find out the big lessons we learned – and the one huge marketing truth we’ve experienced the hard way.


Northstar and Jaguar Land Rover have re-imagined what insight management and socialisation mean within the industry. As a team, we challenged ourselves to move beyond creative output, employee co-creation and socialisation tools towards an end-to-end insight experience. Our solution was re-interpreting The Apprentice TV series for insight generation and socialisation; its innovation being that the method for gathering insight is also the medium for sharing it.

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