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Viz-Fest | Week-long webinar series to explore data visualization and insight communications


Thank you for joining us for Viz-Fest 2018. The webinars have ended, but if you wish to see recordings of the presentations please fill in the form to the right.

In November 2018 E-Tabs and Keen as Mustard Marketing brought together in-house expertise, guest speakers and a client side perspective to demonstrate the benefits of excellent communication of insights and data visualization.

View the free video archive of over 40 Viz-Fest presentations.

Topics Covered in 2018

Monday 5th November


  • 3.30pm (GMT) Mission Impossible: Making a client ready dashboard in 30 minutes

    Russ Budden, Director of Sales & Marketing, E-Tabs

    It seems over recent years, the word ‘dashboard’ often conjures up fears amongst market researchers of data heavy, complicated, unwieldy online reports – costing a small fortune to produce, both in terms of initial software investment as well as time.

    However, this shouldn’t be the case and it is totally possible to make a client ready dashboard within 30 minutes and this paper will prove just that – through prior planning and applying the right solution this is more than achievable.

    Let us prove that this isn’t a Mission Impossible!

  • 4.00pm (GMT) Validating Visuals: An exploration of the power or the pitfalls of using visuals in research

    Jon Puleston, Vice President of Innovation, Lightspeed and Becki Southern, Marketing Director, Lightspeed

    Social media and the quality of online content is making visuals a currency we all deal in. As Jeff Bullas, 2018 Forbes Top 20 Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers, states “Photos are becoming the universal language”. Whilst this was about consumers, the delivery of content to marketers and researchers is also impacted by the need to grab attention and tell a powerful story as they too are exposed to this wealth of visual content in their everyday lives. Lightspeed has been actively exploring the area of visuals in the data collection and marketing sphere over recent years. This presentation will share three distinct sets of findings; researching icons and images, advertising evaluation and how we measure aesthetic acceptance.

  • 4:30pm (GMT) Coloring Your Insights

    Karene Smith, Creative Insights Geek, Shine Insight

    Humans cannot help but be drawn to and influenced by COLOR. Thus, it’s no surprise that color plays a critical role in our insight communication – it grabs attention, influences decisions, implies meaning, guides the eye, and more. Unfortunately, color is typically misused or is an afterthought as we put together documents and presentations. But using colors incorrectly can lead to distracted and annoyed audiences, lost meaning, and unsuccessful insight delivery. This session will give you a foundational understanding of color and show you step-by-step how to select the right colors and how to use them appropriately and purposefully in your next design.

Tuesday 6th November


  • 3.30pm (GMT) The Great Internal Communication Experiment

    Lucy Davison, Managing Director, Keen as Mustard Marketing, and Lauren Raby, Analyst, The Coca Cola Company

    Driving insight into the hearts and minds of stakeholders is Coca-Cola Knowledge and Insight’s biggest challenge. This presentation examines which communications create most engagement with internal audiences & provides guidelines to change insight communication for good.

  • 4:00pm (GMT) Turning Research into a Smash Hit TV Show

    Jessica Fennell, Research Manager, Northstar Research Partners, UK

    Northstar documented the lives of nine very different UK households in 10 TV episodes to provide their client with insight into 10 different strategically important topics. The series was seen as the perfect solution for C-suite stakeholders who don’t want to wade through a 40-page report. This presentation will explain the process of filming a TV show for a client cost-effectively.

  • 4:30pm (GMT) The Power of Three: structure, story, style

    Nick Tomlinson, Senior Creative, Join the Dots

    It’s easy to target reports for the approval of your direct client or boss. But, what happens when the report gets passed onto your boss’ boss and eventually ends up in front of the CEO? This practical presentation will explain that your report can hold its own in front of any audience, as long as you’ve considered its structure, story and style.

Wednesday 7th November

MAKING INSIGHTS ELECTRIFYING – Curated by Tom Ewing, System1 Research

  • 3.30pm (GMT) Drop The Dead Ducks: How We Made An Email Newsletter You Might Actually Want To Read

    Tom Ewing, Head of Communication, System1 Group

    “Let’s do a weekly newsletter,” I said, and immediately regretted it. Email newsletters are the lowest form of marketing life, right? Six months and twenty-six issues later, we’ve more than doubled our open and clickthrough rates and created a B2B newsletter the company can be proud of. This is the story of the most fun I’ve had in market research, with plenty of practical tips on what works in finding content, writing headlines, crafting hooks and keeping a schedule.

  • 4.00pm (GMT) Scaling through Design: How Creative Cohesion Fuels ROI

    Amy Perifanos, Vice President Design & Creative Communication, Arti|fact at Gongos, Inc.

    Insights teams are challenged with marrying sources of data from nearly all corners, and colors, of the spectrum—and to finding ways to create cohesion among them. Yet, ad hoc approaches to socializing insights can lead to ad hoc results. True opportunity lies not only in learning how to leverage design, but in how to scale it beyond the insights function and across audiences. Get inspired to employ the laws of design scalability to gain buy-in within your organization through three case studies from the packaged food, automotive and healthcare industries.

  • 4.30pm (GMT) Engage participants and clients with refreshed techniques and deliverables

    Katrina Noelle, President, KNow Research & Co-Founder Scoot Insights

    Engaged research participant make for engaged stakeholder teams.  To encourage these 2 essential levels of engagement, be sure to regularly refresh your techniques and deliverables. KNow will present two of their newest techniques to increase engagement: (1) Creation Challenges – a creative approach to free-form assignments that gets participants engaged and (2) Audio Reports – Podcast “episodes” that convey key insights to the stakeholders in the participants’ own voices.

Thursday 8th November

STORYTELLING – Curated by Danielle Todd, Relish Research 

  • 3:30pm (GMT) Storytelling to unearth insight

    Sarah Kelleher, Director of Brand Strategy, Truth

    The session will explore how to use storytelling techniques in supporting people to share their experiences about what really matters to them. Through the stories shared, we gain valuable insight into their lives that provides a depth of meaning.

    This will be a practical session exploring why are stories so effective, so powerful as a means to gather insight with practical examples, tips & techniques of how & where we can better use storytelling in our research.

  • 4.00pm (GMT) Key Behavioral Science Principles for Crafting Next-Level Storytelling

    David Paull, Co-Founder & CEO, Engagious

    Crafting an effective story or message is part art and part science. When a story’s purpose is to persuade people and move them to action, the science part can’t be ignored. By understanding the impact of cognitive biases, and principles from behavioral science/economics, we can capitalize on how people think, form memories and make decisions, in order to craft stories and messages that will hit the mark. In this presentation we’ll explore how you can steer people’s reactions through behaviour-based principles to help you achieve next-level storytelling, messaging, and content creation.

  • 4.30pm (GMT) Collaboration – the key to telling a story?

    Nick Eves, Head of Strategic Customer Insight, Southern Water

    We are all taught the structure of a ‘good story’ when we work with insight. However, the flexibility that comes from true collaboration is what’s needed to build a powerful story that can drive real change.



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