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In October 2017 E-Tabs and Keen as Mustard Marketing brought together in-house expertise, guest speakers and a client side perspective to demonstrate the benefits of excellent communication of insights and data visualization.

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Viz-Fest 2017 is a week-long webinar series that brings together market leading experts from both agency and client-side fields to explore data visualization, insight communications, and its importance in the changing market research landscape.


For four consecutive days from the 30th October at 4:30 pm GMT (9:30 am – 11:30 am PDT, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm EDT, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm CET)  you will learn the most effective ways to communicate insights to your clients, steps to creating eye-catching data visualization and impactful deliverables, new and innovative ways to incorporate storytelling to engage the boardroom, and the latest technology used in deliverables. Viz-Fest 2017 will give you the opportunity to pose your questions to industry experts and provide you with the know-how to give your research impact in the boardroom and drive actionable insights for your clients.

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Topics Covered

Day 1

  • 4.30pm All change! Rebranding from the inside

    Tom Ewing, System1Group

    In 2017, BrainJuicer had been voted the most innovative research company six times in a row and had just enjoyed its most successful year ever. So naturally, we rebranded as System1. This presentation takes a communication-oriented peek under the bonnet of our rebrand, talking identity, distinctive assets, writing books, and the changes in the research world that led to the decision to change everything. Find out the big lessons we learned – and the one huge marketing truth we’ve experienced the hard way.

  • 5.00pm Creating animated video deliverables using Apple Keynote

    Simon Dunn, Keen as Mustard Marketing

    We are increasingly being asked to create top line deliverables that are short, impactful, digestible and engaging and can be easily shared internally or marketed to attract new sales leads. The solution? Learn the step-by-step process to easily create a self-running, animated presentation using Apple Keynote (the Apple equivalent of PowerPoint) using many of the effects and techniques used in professional, high-level animated video production.

  • 5.30pm The Apprentice: The real winner in the boardroom

    Rhiannon Price & Daniel Tralman, Northstar Research Partners & James Livingston, Jaguar Land Rover 

    How turning research into a TV show can really change the game

    This is “The Apprentice” where 12 candidates across 3 countries battle it out to be the ultimate Jaguar Land Rover Target Customer and, in doing so, prove that using TV formats in research is engaging, entertaining and hugely insightful.

Day 2

  • 4.30pm Getting personal with data visualisation

    Virginia Monk & Joe Parker, Network Research 

    One-size-fits-all reporting doesn’t work, we need a tailored, made to measure approach for visualisation – graphical personalisation. Learn how user group workshops can shape reports and visualisations, the activities used to generate thoughts and discussion, and the evolution of a viz (and how we let the users change our mind).

  • 5.00pm Easy Visualization of Market Research Data – The Quest for the Holy Grail

    Bruce Krulwich, E-Tabs and Jamey Corriveau, Askia

    When it comes to creating visualizations much of the industry rely on tools either not built for our purposes, or do not go far enough in meeting our requirements. However, there is good reason for that; market research data is very difficult to make easy to visualize. Join E-Tabs and Askia as they discuss the complexities of MR data, why it is so tricky to work with, and their journey together to provide market research with the data viz holy grail.

  • 5.30pm All about icons

    David Glickman, E-Tabs

    Join David, one of E-Tabs’ data visualization consultants, as he discusses some of the many ways to source, edit and utilise icons in your presentations to help boost the visual and professional appearance.

Day 3

  • 4.30pm Smartphones and PowerPoint working together to produce powerful presentations

    Beatriz Diaz, SlideSho

    With a little bit of imagination we can add a lot of value for our clients through effective and visually appealing presentations using Smartphones – taking our audiences through a customer or consumer’s journey and stepping into their world. This presentation will take you through the creative process from apps, to design, to animation and transition techniques.

  • 5.00pm Leveraging insights through storytelling

    Isabelle Marchand, Lloyds Banking Group

    The rise of Big and Open Data exposed the struggle to communicate insights to an untrained audience. The challenge has now broadened to encompass the ability to share it in an engaging and digestible format. There is no magic recipe to create a good story from data however applying a series of practical steps helps to set up a clear and convincing argument.

  • 5:30pm Telling stories with numbers

    Ray Poynter, The Future place 

    Large amounts of numbers, whether in the form of tables or graphs can obscure the message and the call to action. Get practical tips to help you blend information and emotion to use numbers in storytelling in ways that increase engagement, salience, and the probability that the presentation will be followed by action.

Day 4

  • 4.30pm Researching in–store, at home. Using virtual reality within quantitative surveys

    Ian Bramley, Populus & Alastair Goode, Gorilla In The Room

    Our clients challenge was to create a more eye-catching point of sale for a product in store. The solution was to bring the retail environment to life in a survey environment with an intuitive mobile survey solution that integrated a virtual reality 360-video. Discover the key benefits, broad learnings, and practical steps to using virtual reality within a quantitative survey.

  • 5.00pm Reality Check: How virtual and augmented reality outputs can engage and immerse

    Katy Irving, HRW Healthcare

    Digital technologies (heads up displays like glasses, virtual reality, and augmented reality) are becoming more accessible and cost effective, putting clients in their customer’s shoes. From a series of case studies, get an honest review of the benefits, drawbacks, and considerations for how to utilise these technologies.

  • 5.30pm The future of video!

    Dave Carruthers, VoxPopMe

    Technology has transformed video from a time consuming, costly research tool into an agile solution that can be deployed by any researcher in minutes. Learn how the world’s leading agencies and brands are deploying these tools in a variety of practical use cases.

Confirmed speakers

Tom EwingSystem1Group
Simon DunnKeen as Mustard Marketing

Rhiannon PriceNorthstar Research Partners

Daniel TralmanNorthstar Research Partners

James LivingstonJaguar Land Rover

Virginia MonkNetwork Research

Joe ParkerNetwork Research

Beatriz DiazSlideSho

Isabelle MarchandLloyds Banking Group

Ray PoynterThe Future Place

Ian BramleyPopulus

Alastair GoodeGorilla In The Room
Katy IrvingHRW Healthcare
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