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    Thank you for joining us for Viz-Fest 2016. The webinars have ended, but if you wish to see recordings of the presentations please fill in the form to the right.

    In October 2016 E-Tabs and Keen as Mustard Marketing brought together in-house expertise, guest speakers and a client side perspective to demonstrate the benefits of excellent communication of insights and data visualization.

Viz-Fest 2016 was a week-long webinar series that brought together market leading experts from both agency and client-side fields to explore data visualization, insight communications, and its importance in the changing market research landscape.


On four consecutive days from the 31st October we learnt the importance of good communications, how to communicate your insights to clients, how to create arresting infographics and be able to pose your questions to industry experts. Viz-Fest 2016 provides you with the know-how to give your research impact in the boardroom and drive actionable insights for your clients.

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Topics Covered


Visual Branding and Identity

  • The execution and strategy of good visual branding
  • How to execute an internal branding strategy
  • Branding your insight projects for engagement


Deliverables and communications

  • Making a difference to your deliverables
  • Future proofing and automating your client templates
  • Create engaging deliverables through DIY creativity
  • Immersion techniques in stakeholder communications


Data Visualization and Dashboards

  • Data driven infographics
  • Real time vs near time dashboards, what’s right for you?
  • Data Viz for the visually impaired


Story Telling

  • Creating an engaging research story from beginning to end
  • Finding the golden thread of a story in your research
  • Provide a concrete resolution to your story

Day 1

  • 4.30pm (UK time) The future’s bright, the future’s branded

    Lucy Davison

    In a furiously busy and crowded market good visual branding can clarify the messages of agencies to clients and help clients make good choices. In this session, Lucy will reprise her presentation, created with Paul Buckley of GSK, looking at the role good visual branding has to play in improving the world of market research..

  • 5.00pm (UK time) Out with the old – Internal branding and you

    Virginia Monk

    A rebrand is often thought of as an external process, but what about internally? Ginny Monk explains the importance of an internal brand strategy, and how it can increase staff engagement and ensure a smooth customer experience for your clients.

  • 5.30pm (UK time) Branding your insights

    Matthew Sell & Daniel Tralman

    As market researchers we do not market our own product – insight – very well. Discover how you can elevate your project beyond a ‘piece of research’ by giving your projects a name, a logo, branding and design themes.

Day 2

  • 4.00pm (UK time) Making a big difference with small changes

    Simon Dunn

    Clarity and visual appeal can be achieved with the simplest changes to PowerPoint. Watch Simon develop a slide with minor tweaks and changes to give a more balanced and better looking end result.

  • 4.30pm (UK time) Future Proofing and Automating Your Client Report Templates

    Jon Hackenbroch

    Starting the reporting phase earlier in the research process and utilising automation is a great way to help ease pressure. This presentation will highlight some of the pitfalls encountered when undertaking advance reporting and automation, and go through many of the questions that should be considered when setting up a project design template.

  • 5.00pm (UK time) DIY Creativity…. – Yes, You Can Do It!

    Edward Appleton

    Discover how to simplify complex messages and keep stakeholders engaged through the DIY creativity of your own researchers. Long live DIY creativity in Market Research!

  • 5.30pm (UK time) Immersion Techniques in Stakeholder Communications

    Brett Bridges

    Once upon a time, 80 page reports reigned. But now future-minded researchers are leveraging techniques to deepen understanding of diverse communities. Explore how you can use immersive techniques to grow engagement with stakeholders.

Day 3

  • 4.30pm (UK time) Data Viz for the Visually Impaired

    Tom Schlak

    Data Visualisation is all about visualising data. Whether it is a chart in a report, an infographic or a dashboard– the key point is that it is visual! So can we deliver a visual representation of data to a person without perfect vision?

  • 5.00pm (UK time) Data Driven Infographics

    Marta Blankenberger

    In the last few years infographics have become a popular way to report data. However they have been primarily created by designers with high-end design software. Marta will demonstrate how state of the art infographics, PowerPoint and automated charting are not contradictions.

  • 5:30pm (UK time) Real Time vs Near Time Dashboards

    Ken Brewster

    “I need a dashboard updated in real time!” is a common demand from clients, but in truth there are few situations in which real time updates actually add any value. We’ll look at the implications of having real-time updates, technical and otherwise and whether you need real-time or near-time.

Day 4

  • 4.30pm (UK time) Challenging monstrous behaviour through stories

    Mark Hirst

    Transferring this insight to customer-facing teams only works well when you share the good news. No one has cracked the issue of getting frontline teams to recognise the areas where they don’t meet customer expectations and do something about it. Our solution is to use a range of storytelling skills and techniques to help break down the barriers that exist around this very real business challenge.

  • 5.00pm (UK time) Finding the Golden Thread

    Anthony Tasgal

    We all operate in a world that is DRIP – Data Rich, Insight Poor -where everyone wants to get their message across, but no one has time to listen. Tas will explore how you can be insights rich by applying insights from behavioural economics into story telling.

  • 5.30pm (UK time) The final word

    Caroline Florence

    A great story is like Olympic gymnastics. A dodgy ending can have serious consequences on the final marks. We’ll explore how you can provide a concrete resolution to your story. And ask how can we make a recommendation when we only see a proportion of the picture from our analysis?

Confirmed speakers


Lucy DavisonKeen as Mustard Marketing

Ken BrewsterE-Tabs


Simon DunnKeen as Mustard Marketing

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Caroline FlorenceInsight Narrator


Virginia MonkNetwork Research

Matthew SellNorthstar Research Partners’


Daniel TralmanNorthstar Research Partners’

Mark HirstChime


Brett BridgesArti|fact, Gongos, Inc.

Jon HackenbrochE-Tabs Bureau Reporting Service

Edward AppletonHappy Thinking People

Katharina LadikasHappy Thinking People

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